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Twilio and gigigo

How to automate services through communication channels

home › insights cloud, communication, experiences, platforms, twilio Econocom I Gigigo Econocom Gigigo integrates Twilio into its authorized
tasks automation

How to turn a task into an experience

Make the most of the data collected, control and automate events to award rewards.
building voice apps

How is a Voice App built

The complete guide to Voice App development
Telcel Academy App

Telcel Academy App for sales team

Telcel Academy is the name of the new mobile application launched by Gigigo at the beginning of ...
hololens 2 mexico

Microsoft HoloLens 2 arrives in Mexico

It is a fact, the new generation of Microsoft HoloLens 2 will arrive in Mexico through Econocom I Gigigo Mexico
skills Alexa

Alexa and the evolution of its skills

Technology is constantly evolving and Amazon’s Alexa is aware of this. Voice assistants are integrated into billions ...

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