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      El chavo del ocho - voice app for google

      El Chavo del 8 “Sin querer queriendo” comes to Google Assistant

      New games and the appearance of new characters complete the launch of El Chavo in the first Spanish version of the voice app exclusively for Google Assistant
      Telcel Academy App

      New features launched in Telcel Academy

      The new version of Telcel Academy arrived in the digital stores with three new features that promise to be of great support for the training of Telcel employees

      New updates to Radiópolis skills

      New updates on the competencies of radio stations belonging to Radiopolis

      New app version of LatinUS by Econocom Gigigo

      With new features and improved navigation comes the new version of LatinUS launched by Econocom Gigigo México
      Alexa LIVE

      Claro Colombia, the Voice App created by Econocom Gigigo in Alexa Live 2021

      On July 21 Econocom Gigigo will attend the third edition of Alexa Live presenting a new feature of the Claro Colombia skill
      Twilio and gigigo

      How to automate services through communication channels

      Econocom Gigigo integrates Twilio into its authorized platforms for the development of intelligent communication
      tasks automation

      How to turn a task into an experience

      Make the most of the data collected, control and automate events to award rewards.
      building voice apps

      How is a Voice App built

      The complete guide to Voice App development
      Telcel Academy App

      Telcel Academy App for sales team

      Telcel Academy is the name of the new mobile application launched by Gigigo at the beginning of ...
      hololens 2 mexico

      Microsoft HoloLens 2 arrives in Mexico

      It is a fact, the new generation of Microsoft HoloLens 2 will arrive in Mexico through Econocom I Gigigo Mexico

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