The Challenge

Coca-Cola is involved in many parts of our daily lives. Along the years, they have created many innovative and successful marketing campaigns adapted to the new trends, in order to reach and engage with their consumers.

The worldwide company wanted to get introduced into the football world, specially in México. However, they wanted to do it on a different, interactive, social and fun way. Gamification was the most attractive way in order to meet the goals, but…. How?

Fútbol - Destappagol - Gigigo

Innovative Solution, High Impact

Gigigo helped Coca-Cola to create Destappagol, a promotion that run all across the country on where football fans could have the chance of winning amazing prizes.

With Destappagol, users would access to and fill in 1 template with different events that could happen along match of a Mexican game: local team wins, penalty against visitor team, etc.

Participants who got more events on their templates within the shortest possible time , would win amazing prizes, going from 1.000.000 pesos mexicanos (to be divided among all the winners on the same level) to a trip to Russia, in order to experience the Football Confederations Cup taking place in 2018.

In order to create this dynamic but complex promotion, Coca-Cola asked Gigigo to help them with the:

  • Creation of a responsive website where participants could log in and choose their templates
  • Creation and design of more than 100 million templates, in collaboration with Juan Futbol, one of the most popular football bloggers in México
  • Development of a CMS with all the participant, prizes and templates available
  • Project Management of the promotion
Destappagol - Gigigo


1.900.000 million active users at
165.000 registrations
123.000 participants
35% de recurring users
19.000 winners

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