The challenge

To generate consumers’ knowledge through the registering process and to analyse interactions with their favourite brands.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 brands of carbonated and non-carbonated products. Its portfolio in Mexico offers nearly 70 brands, including well known local brands, such as Ciel®, Fresca®, Jugos del Valle® Santa Clara® and Sidral Mundet®.

The main challenge: To create a mobile solution that is “always on” to offer experiences and personalized/exclusive content to consumers, anytime.


Innovative solution, high impact

Design and development of DESTAPP, an always on multi-brand mobile platform that allows consumers to access Coca-Cola special experiences and rewards through an interactive, fun and refreshing connection.

The name DESTAPP arises from the last Coca-Cola communication campaign slogan ‘Destapa la felicidad’ (Open Happiness), which inspired the concept of an application where people could reach their favourite brands as well as interact with them, anytime and anywhere.

Also, Gigigo has developed a content management system (CMS) that allows Coca-Cola to manage and display content in real time, while at the same time knowing the user’s engagement with every activation of the app, depending on the brand’s marketing plan

For this project, Gigigo defined the strategy, created and materialized the idea with a special focus on the platform infrastructure, backend programming, UX and UI design; thereby achieving an innovative and multi-possibilities mobile app with the following capabilities:

  • Interact with Mexico’s Coca-Cola product packaging through barcodes or QR scanning.
  • Recognize images of logos, icons, labels and other graphic communication materials.
  • Capturing audio codes on marked TV contents, radio, movies and videos on the Internet.
  • Live Streaming Coca-Cola.FM.
  • Access to map of Santa Clara shops and exclusive promotions for DESTAPP users.
  • Reward consumers daily through promotions, with benefits like gadgets, promotional items, concerts and football game tickets, among others.
  • Facilitate the implementation of any relational plan to achieve brand objectives: promos, loyalty programs, exclusive content,…


DESTAPP is the first multi-brand mobile initiative for the Coca-Cola Mexican market, which offers the only soft drinks always available in the country.

Since its launch in March 2014, the results have surpassed the company launch KPIs:

Over 200,000 iOS/Android registered users
10 promotions displayed for 1 to 3 months
50 daily instant win promotions implemented in less than 3 months
Winning award of IAB Mobile 2015+200,000


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