The challenge

EURO 6000 is a public limited company whose corporate purpose is to manage the networks and products of Payment Media, jointly promoted by its Participating Entities.

It currently connects more than 8,700 ATMs with its participating entities and has 158,768 terminals in affiliated merchants.

EURO 6000 had a number of business needs including:

  • Encouraging the use of cards in purchases.
  • Disseminating the discounts of the Privileges EURO 6000 program among the clients of the entities.
  • Boosting loyalty to the customers of EURO 6000 card.
  • Increasing the database of customers subscribed to the Newsletter.

Given this situation, how could EURO 6000 achieve its goals through a high-level digital strategy?

EURO 6000 – Gigigo

Innovative solution, high impact

EURO 6000, aware of Gigigo’s expertise in digital strategies focused on mobility, relied on us for the development and strategy of its national promotional campaign “Momentos Ganadores”.

This promotion has the following dynamics:

  1. The user enters the web
  2. Enters the email address, NIF and confirm the bank entity name.
  3. Immediately, a confirmation email is sent with a button that invites participation to the promotion.
  4. Right after clicking, the user automatically knows if it has been a winner of a gift.

How was Gigigo involved in this project?

• Creation of an “ad hoc” CMS with the customer database and prizes’ stock.
• Connection through the “Momentos Ganadores” API with Cecabank.
• Design, creation and development of “responsive” web pages and customized layout according to the bank entity.
• Design and development of personalized iframes in the websites of the entities.
• Project management from conception to delivery and follow-up.

Momentos Ganadores – Gigigo


150,000 participations on the first 13 days of the promotion.

MORE THAN A MILLION total participations

All business goals met

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