The challenge

The world’s most famous fast-food restaurant choose Gigigo to help them in their digital transformation and the first challenge was to provide a “quick win” solution to allow McDonald’s to offer digital coupons to their consumers in Latin America on an easy and fast way, and therefore, increase customer traffic to their restaurants.
The great opportunity for McDonald’s was to offer a mobile solution that met their customer expectations. The solution had to reflect what their target audience was looking for: improved customer experience with promotions that they could carry on their phones and instantly redeem them at their restaurants.

McDonald's cupones - Gigigo

Innovative solution, high impact

At Gigigo, we offered McDonald’s our technology and experience through the development of a responsive landing site on the platform Always On that provided digital coupons. These coupons were created with Gigigo’s starring digital marketing tool, Orchextra, and they could be redeemed by the consumers at McDonald’s.

Coupon management has been carried out by Gigigo through Orchextra’s easy-to-use CMS on where coupons can be instantly created, edited or deleted.
Coupons could be set on a multi-country and multi-language environment.
The coupons could be also downloaded on passbook, wallet, as a QR or even as a pdf and print it at home.

Gigigo coached McDonald’s throughout all the process of the marketing strategy by managing all the coupon campaigns, reporting results and providing marketing consultancy to better improve campaigns results.

McDonald's App - Gigigo


  • Millions of digital coupons have been redeemed in all the countries
  • Expansion to other Latin-American countries such as Argentina, México, Chile, Panamá, Chile and Costa Rica, Guadalupe, Venezuela or Colombia
  • Due to the total success of this digital strategy, McDonald’s decided to launch a mobile app that offered the coupons within the app, adding new functionalities as restaurant location and nutritional information about their products.

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