The challenge

Vivo’s team of Digital Channels transmitted to us the need to design, develop and maintain a channel of communication with its users through Windows Phone platform. One of the big challenges was to improve the “rating” of service in the App Store and to launch the service in less than three months.

To develop Vivo’s main application with 100% UI/UX native, where Windows Phone users can consult their mobile plans with the best experience of operating system design. With the application users can consult in real time their data consume, their credit balance, check their bill, send a barcode by SMS and much more.


Innovative solution, high impact

Our product and technology team proposed a service where UX design was very focused on the main use of the service: “The balance inquiry for prepaid and post-paid accounts.” The delivery team focused on product delivery every two weeks to receive fast feedback from the IT Digital Channels department at Vivo.

  • 100% design according to Microsoft style guides, and aligned with the guidelines of Vivo.
  • Multi login application where users can login in with a registered mail, or with their phone number, receiving an SMS code to access the App.
  • Develop the application in two months and be faster than all the developments Vivo had previously made.
  • Consultory on best practices for Windows Phone.
  • Improve rate / review of Vivo Apps.


  • The App was launched in less than three months.
  • The App has an average rating of 4.6 stars and has internally been the benchmark of quality of services of interactivity with the customer.
  • The fastest development of a new App that has ever been done at Vivo.
  • It is Vivo’s application that has the best rate / review.
  • Vivo’s most complete App, with the best UX, and very well evaluated by the directors of Vivo and Microsoft.


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