The challenge

To develop a front-end based promotion before and during the FIFA World Cup, adapted to a multi-device consumer target.

Participants had to find alphanumeric codes on the brand’s packaging associated with the promotion: Coca-Cola Regular, Light and Zero, Sprite, Aquarius, Nestea, Fanta and Nordic Mist.


Innovative solution, high impact

Gigigo carried out one sole responsive web development in order to provide an ideal solution in every device on the market, regardless of its size or resolution. The website offered a better user interface and experience based on the device.

Participation was implemented through the mobile web, desktop and webview embedded in a native mobile App.
Bars had an associated barcode identifying them, which consumers had to enter as they participated – this facilitated the subsequent collection of statistics to identify areas of high or low consumption and involvement in the promotional activity.

The activity was based on an instant win mechanism, where users found out if they had won or not instantly.



Over 1,700 prizes delivered in two months.
Over 300,000 participations.
Over 170,000 one-time users.


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